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About Us

We started out as a time filler for our CEO & Founder, Mrs. Deirdre L. Cunningham, when she left her job of 24+ years to pursue other things in life.  After trying her hand at a few favorite cookie flavors of family and friends, she discovered that her baking was not just something to pass time but a business. 

She expanded her flavors from 3 to 6, and perfected her recipes from tasty to YUM!  Sells went well for 2 years, and took a pause when her and her husband Kevin became Subway franchisees.

Due to bad location, they were forced to close the Subway.  However, they acquired a wealth of information for operating a business.  After recovering from the unexpected store closure and regaining momentum, Mrs. Cunningham restarted selling cookies - and the sells were amazing, almost as if she had never stopped!

Now, since the cookies were selling so well, it was time to establish a brand with a unique name.  Mrs. Cunningham prayed and asked the Lord for a unique name - His response profoundly showed up in a night vision, and Yeah Those Cookies was born!

Yeah Those Cookies' brand is heavenly tasting

cookies individually wrapped and contained in elegant packaging.  We are simply the best of 2 worlds - taste and style!

 Whether it is Lunchroom Butter Cookies that cause you to imagine yourself back in the grade school lunchroom cafeteria, or the Red Velvet Crinkles Cookies holding just the right amount of chocolate, sugars, pure butter and everything nice like no other reds, or, the classic Oatmeal Raisin with a Cranberry twist in which you taste all of the ingredients especially the oatmeal, or the fact that the cookies actually do melt in your mouth, you are sure to have your sweets craving completely satisfied with Yeah Those Cookies products!

We say why be shy?  Go ahead and dive into Yeah Those Cookies - we are not just cookies, but An Experience!