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German Chocolate Cookies
German Chocolate Cookies

German Chocolate Cookies

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If you like German Chocolate Cake, love Chocolate, and nuts, and more choclate, you will absolutely LOVE & CRAVE our German Chocolate Cookies! 

The amazement of how we put a cake in a cookie will bring wonder and excitement to your sweet tooth.  These are great for sharing...but, if you are a Cho-co-holic and have a hard time sharing chocolates, order more than 6 because you will need them!


cane sugar, dark brown sugar, powdered sugar, butter, salt, cocoa, gluten-free flour, baking soda, cage-free eggs, vanilla flavoring, mini chocolate chips, coconut, pecans, chocolate melts (drizzled on top)

What you get:  6, 15, 26, 38 or 50 individually wrapped cookies in elegant packaging

When you get:  Yeah Those Cookies freshly bakes all orders once received.  Orders of 15 or more we ask for a minimum 48 hours advance notice.  Orders are packaged and shipped or ready for pickup 3-5 business days.